SIB’s workshop on Trading Comps valuation is a 1 day intensive and in class training program

  • Participants will be introduced to the theory behind Trading Comps and then solidify concepts by preparing a comps valuation for a “real” company

Valuation Skills – Crucial to Breaking In & Daily Survival

As an analyst working in Investment Banking, Private Equity and Equity Research, a major part of your work will revolve around valuation using various techniques especially trading comparables, or comps as per popular industry jargon. Across the buy side and sell side, comps are widely used:

  • To value target companies for M&A
  • To evaluate entry and exit multiples and IRR returns for private equity investors and
  • To give stock recommendations of buy, sell and hold

As a result, mastering comps is a bread and butter skill set for all aspiring analysts. Job interviews to enter any of these fields:

  • Are intense, highly technical in nature and
  • Questions related to trading comps tend to come up frequently

The skills that you will pick up on this training program will enable you to hold your own and succeed not just in interviews, but everyday as a professional as well.

Learning Objectives

  • Gathering information
  • Choosing appropriate peer group
  • Equity value & equity multiples
  • Enterprise Value & EV multiples
  • Normalizing earnings
  • Calculating last twelve months (LTM)
  • Calendarisation
  • Calculating fully diluted shares (options & convertibles)
  • Adjusting EV - subsidiaries, associates
  • Adjusting EV - leases, retirement plans
  • Calculating various multiples
  • Checking and interpreting results
  • Interview prep (if time permits)

Target Audience

  • Sell side analysts and associates
  • Aspiring analysts and associates
  • Students and other working professionals
  • Anyone keen to brush up skills


  • Basic knowledge of Excel
  • Basic understanding of financial statements
  • Laptop with a Windows operating system
  • USB key (for sharing files)

Other Details

  • There is a 10% group discount available for 3 or more
  • Participants will receive a completion certificate
  • Participants will also receive complementary access to a selection of our online training videos


Chaitanya Kumar

Chaitanya founded SIB after working with Lehman Brothers in London and Mumbai. Chaitanya helped Lehman Brothers to establish their Investment Banking outsourcing business in India. His role revolved around training Lehman Brothers' analysts and provided him valuable insight into both project management and business development. In London, Chaitanya worked in the Telecoms M&A team where key transactions included :

  • The €1.2bn sale of Bivideon's stake in Ceske Radiokomunikace and T-Mobile Czech Republic to a consortium comprising Mid Europa Partners, Lehman Brothers Private Equity and Al Bateen Investments
  • The €1.6bn sale of TIM Hellas to Apax & Texas Pacific Group
  • The $4.5bn disposal of Telesystem International Wireless (TIW) to Vodafone
  • Sale of 51% stake in Intracom Telecom to Sistema Group for €440m
  • £80m convertible bond issue for Pipex Communications Plc

Prior to Lehman Brothers, Chaitanya worked with Arthur Andersen in London providing Assurance Advisory services to leading financial institutions. Chaitanya completed his MSc. in Banking and International Finance from the Sir John Cass Business School, London. He graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class honors degree in Accounting & Finance.


SIB-School of Investment Banking is a unique and one of a kind Investment Banking training institute.

  • What sets us apart is the fact that in addition to providing cutting edge “job oriented” training, we leverage our deep contacts with recruiters to secure world class placement opportunities for candidates
  • That’s why SIB alumni are pursuing their career ambitions with top tier firms spread across the major financial centres in the world
  • This is possible only because our trainers have a proven track record of delivering industry relevant cutting edge training
  • Team SIB comprises of former bankers at Lehman Brothers, Nomura, Citi and UBS

With an average placement record of 90% since inception, we know more than a thing or two about getting your foot in the door!


In order to sign up, please send us an email on with your contact details and we will share requisite info so you can do the needful.

Description Location Duration Timing Fees Venue  
Wed, 8 Nov 2017 London 1 Day 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. GBP 400 Zone 1 Sign Up

“The intensive training made me adept in all relevant disciplines of investment banking. I gained deep insights about sector peculiarities and I was ideally prepared for challenging finance interviews. I had high expectations and SIB exceeded these by far.”

Louis Chakkalakal

ESB Business School

“SIB’s training is very well structured and intensive. It equipped me with essential analyst skills which cannot be gained from universities. And these hands-on skills have given me a better understanding of financial theories from a practical perspective. Great experience”

Fei Du


“The best part of training at SIB is the thorough manner in which each concept is explained and then followed up through real-life examples”

Rahul Singh


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