How SIB Works

Give shape to your ambition


Since 2007, our full time placement programs have provided the most cutting edge and “practical” in class training. With over 300 videos, our online programs now replicate the in class experience

Practice & Perfect

Theory is backed up with real world examples and case studies, so that you have an opportunity to apply concepts covered and maximize your learning

Get Placed

Think of a top tier recruiter in a major financial centre across the world? SIB alumni are already working there. SIB now offers placements support for the Wall Street Large Cap bundle as well



"The intensive training made me adept in all relevant disciplines such as accounting, creation of profiles, comparables, DCF valuation, M&A considerations etc. I gained deep insights about sector peculiarities and I was ideally prepared for challenging finance interviews. I had high expectations and SIB exceeded these by far"

Louis Chakkalakal

ESB Business School, Reutlingen University

"Not only does SIB make you "work ready" but also provides you with opportunities to kick start a career in the field. The networking abilities of the faculty and their widespread alumni create some worthwhile job opportunities"

Rashna Patel

Cass Business School

"Joining SIB was a very good decision. It improved my technical skills, prepared me for job interviews and I got the break I needed in investment banking. I am very grateful to all the faculty members for giving each student personal attention and for putting the interests of students first and foremost"

David Murry

Warwick University